Food Addiction

Today, in the New York Times there is an excellent article on The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. The article reflects the process that I believe goes on inside the corporations that have horrible effects on the people they serve. Food addiction sickens and kills people.

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Nobody jumps up in the morning and says, “Today, I’m gonna give a bunch of kids cancer, ADD and all sort of other problems.” Instead, all of us just do what we have to do to make a living, like turning on the lights so that some power plant spews a little more emissions, we make breakfast out of whatever seemed like the best deal, even though it is loaded with pesticides and use a bunch of diesel getting across the country. Then we jump into the car and spew pollution into the air as we hot rod it into work.

Then at work, many of us are like food-industry legend, Howard Moskowitz, the brains behind finding the most addictive junk foods possible. The food that is accused of killing us prematurely. The foods that get us obese, diabetic, cancerous and falling over with heart attacks. “There’s no moral issue for me,” he said. “I did the best science I could. I was struggling to survive and didn’t have the luxury of being a moral creature. As a researcher, I was ahead of my time.”

At the same time Moskowitz is noted as insisting the industry could be doing far more to curb obesity.  He is not blind to the enormous problems of junk foods. But in fairness, Moskowitz is no more than a bartender in the skid row of our collective psyche.


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