WordPress Services – Basic Site Package:
Our WordPress Brochure Site package includes up to 5 pages, such as “Home”, “About”, “Products”, etc. You supply the text and any images you’d like to use, choose a theme from WordPress.Org and we’ll put the site up for you and then we’ll show you how to edit the content of those pages in a 1/2 hour training session. This sort of site is suited to practitioners, professional, freelancers, coaches and trainers who need a web presence on a shoestring. It also includes the Slick Contact Form to allow people to contact you in a secure way. This package is $395.00.

WordPress Services – Blog
WordPress is the worlds best blogging system. This package adds blogging to the Basic Static Site. We’ll bring up the blog and give you 1/2 hour of training to show you how to create a post, categorize it and tag it. That add-on is $90 available only with the Basic Site Package.

WordPress Service – Event Calendar
We’ll add an event calendar to your site and give you a half hour online training session to show you how to post events and manage that calendar. That add-on is $90 available only with the
Basic Site Package.

WordPress Services – Custom Programming
In order to make your WordPress experience even better, We offer custom professional WordPress services. We offer training on installing and integration of your WordPress website. We can help with managing your blog, calendar or WordPress store. We offer custom programming to create new functionality or to modify existing functionality. We can proofread your articles. We can also offer training for groups at your place of business in or around New York City.

WordPress Services – Online Training and Support
One on One or small group shared screen, online training and support is available in 1/2 hour blocks for $45 per block. You need to purchase a block or blocks in advance, then call 917-887-5564 to schedule. You’ll be scheduled in the next available block. Block are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except major holidays. You can then login together with your support person.

Single 1/2 hr. block: $45:

A package of 3 blocks, 1/2 hr each: $120.00:

For more information Contact Randy at 917-887-5564 or by email at rw26 AT LRW dot NET.