About Randy Wright
Randy Wright
Randy has skills in software development, system administration, audio and video engineering and production, non-profit administration and music. Randy can teach, mentor and manage software and technology projects as well as being a front line programmer or sys admin.

Currently freelancing in WordPress integration and website engineering, Randy is able to provide highly skilled expertise to Linux systems. He is also able to get a professional quality WordPress site running quickly and can train users in the operation of WordPress as a Content Management System, an E-commerce system or as a Blogging platform. He can code in PHP, Perl, C, Unix shell scripts, SQL, HTML and CSS. This allows him to be adept at customizations of websites and client/server systems. A true veteran, Randy has over 20 years experience in development and administration.

Randy’s education is in broadcast journalism and he worked for a number of years in video production for a non-profit. He also has years of experience in sound production for music, both as a recording engineer and as a sound re-enforcement engineer. He has also been a producer for music and video projects.

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