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The Internet is not a broadcast.

The Internet is not a Broadcast Station

A personal or professional blog, I believe, needs a particular writing voice. A blog is a part of what we refer to as social media and as such it needs to be more personal than commercial speech but less personally revealing than a therapy session.

People are turned off by the pushiness and manipulativeness that have characterized marketing copy of the past. The Internet is a conversation rather than a personal broadcast station. Even if your main desire is to get customers, you won’t succeed with a Buy Me Cuz I’m the Best approach. This is more like a social gathering where you mingle and contribute your own thoughts and ideas to the conversations at hand. At a social gathering, certainly, you have business cards in your wallet and you can hand them out to those who might have a need you can serve professionally or with your products, but that is not the only thing you do.

The Internet is a Conversation

The Internet is a Conversation

By the same token, there are people who’ve been bitten by being a bit too revealing on the internet. For example, the drunken frat house members who pose for photos by mooning the camera only to find that some prospective employer looking for a responsible employee has googled and found that photo!

So take some risks and don’t hide yourself, and particpate thoughtfully in the conversation, but don’t push people commercially and don’t get into the sort of exhibitionsim that can come back 20 years from now to haunt you.

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