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Zemanta for WordPress? Have you ever tried to attract traffic to your site by manipulating keywords to lift your location in search engines, putting in links to other relevant sites to improve your credibility and to attract reverse links. Have you looked for relevant images you can use with an article.. images that you can clearly use without violating someone’s license. Well a plugin called Zemanta can help.

The Zemanta for WordPress plugin sits in a sidebar on your ‘edit post’ page where it seems to watch you type. As you do, it searches some databases of articles, links and images to come up with recommendations relevant to the article as you type. There is a ton of detail work that Zemanta takes out of your way. I find that I can write and research much more efficiently using Zemanta.

Zemanta first entered the WordPress plugin repository in 2008 and since it has undergone many revisions as it developed in to what it is today. Now, it is really taking off. It is so useful that it is apparently to be included in Few of the plugins in the repository make it into For me the Zemanta for WordPress ability to locate of relevant articles helps me get a better idea of the dialogue that goes on among those who write about the particular topics that interest me. I like to ability to read the related articles that Zemanta finds and to use that in a way to participate in the dialogue. I believe that strengthens my own grasp of the topic.

Not every article is included in the Zemanta database. There is a lot of reliance on FreeBase, a sort of machine readable version of Wikipedia. That, plus the inclusion of images mostly with public licensing can create a bias toward open sources. That really doesn’t bother me as I am totally an open source freak already, but it might bother others who are not.

That said, Zemanta for WordPress does not prevent you from bringing in attributions or images form any source you want. You can place your own flickr archive and your own blog into the list of resources that Zemanta searches. You can also specify your own affiliation with so that any books you discuss can have your affiliate id attached to the outbound links.  As Zemanta continues to develop, perhaps there will be a more generalised affiliation tool that allows other affiliations to be tagged with appropriate data.

In order to install Zemanta for WordPress on a self-hosted WordPress site,  you need only navigate in your dashboard to Plugins->Add New. In the search box type in Zemanta and when the search is done, you can click on install. There are good instructions in the settings pages for setting up Zemanta.

I’m interested in hearing your experiences with Zemanta or with other ways to enhance the marketing or reach of your blog.

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